5 Questions to Ask This Fall
Posted on September 05, 2016

(In Oprah's Giveaway voice) It's SEPTEMBER!!!

Do the cha cha ya'll.

This is the time of year when my internal clock starts ringing and doesn't stop till January. My mind is set on surrounding myself with cozy, comfort, hot drinks, boots and candles. Every August, I catch myself daydreaming and planning our autumn afternoons under a sun that is especially golden during this time of year.

Fall is important for everyone. It's made for harvest-for hard work and progress. This season is a last chance to set some goals and finish the year strong. As the world keeps spinning and change is still inevitable, let's use this new season as motivation and inspiration to propel the work God has called us to in Fall 2016.

1. Bring God one question.

We know God is involved in our lives as we seek Him daily, but there's nothing like challenging our Father with a question or desire that fully welcomes Him into our life. When we dedicate a season to a question, we inevitably seek God more deeply and intimately. What is one question you could ask God this Fall?

2. Where can you say "No"?

My expectations run large when it comes to this season. I try to pack in as much food/activities/decorations as possible to soak it all up which is kind of the opposite of what really should take place. Yes, there's always time for a crunchy, leaf-riddled walk and you can never overload on Starbucks PSLs but let's not pack this season with MORE. Instead, what is it you can/should say No to this season?

3. What will I fill my house with?

Candles. Boom! Done. At least that's my go-to. Candles and blankets and mugs are all on my shopping list. These things bring comfort and bless those living in the home and your guests. I'm all about this. As we think about the physical items we may be searching for at the store, what are the spiritual things we want to fill our home with? Is it the sweet aroma of a candle or the Holy Spirit- the ultimate provider of comfort and peace?

4. Who can I invest in?

This season is begging for fellowship and community. Who has God placed in your world that you can give more time to? Is there a neighbor or co-worker or barista that you can be more intentional with this season?

5. What is one new habit I can start?

New seasons equal new opportunities for fresh starts and growth. You know there's something rolling around in the back of your mind that you've been wanting to do for months now. Is it reading books more often? Spending more time at home during the weeknights? Flossing? Whatever it is-go for it. Make it happen this season.