Give Time to Explore Another's World
Posted on September 12, 2016

Every day I live on this earth, I think I will be burdened with this:

making a connection to other worlds without physically being there

I'm not talking about sci-fi worlds like Stranger Things (THAT's been in my world recently). I'm talking about the single mother's world in Kentucky, and the orphan's world in China and the pastor's world in India.

I didn't realize there were other worlds and lives out there that I might care about, that actually effect me until I physically moved outside of my world. You know your world thoroughly. You know who is in it, who isn't, and what you do every day.

But knowing the way other people live in their world, knowing the challenges they face, the innovative ideas they have to face their day-to-day tasks can change the way you live in your world.

I'm saying all of this to argue for what I'm asking of you this week:

Jump into a refugee's world.

This is a difficult topic, no doubt. Every photo online fights to bring more shock and fear and so we pause, but then we continue to scroll down. It's a huge burden that we're not meant to carry. We may not have much to offer to tackle this world-sized problem, but if we believe there's nothing we can do based on where we live than the enemy has won.

Let's get familiar with someone else's world-let's empower those that currently feel helpless in this very moment by dedicating some of our time to their story. The resources can be overwhelming to be sure, but I've got an idea where we can start.

This American Life actually went to Greece and dedicated two episodes to living life as a refugee in Greece. They also took the time to develop interactive maps and videos to give us quality visuals. They cover topics of every day life that we take for granted; they also cover stories of love and entrepreneurship.

Part 1: Are We There Yet Part 2: Don't Have To Live Like a Refugee

Once you travel to this world, hop on over to World Help. This is a Christian organization that we are huge fans of as they commit to provide consistent updates from the Middle East and direct opportunities for us to get more involved.

While our world keeps moving forward filled with hopes and dreams, take the time to travel and allow others to be known in a different world, equally as important as your own.