Shepherd's Gate
Posted on September 17, 2016

When you grow up in the same town, you get familiar with the local nonprofits that exist. Perhaps the nonprofit you're thinking of is your go-to donation drop off spot-at least that was Shepherd's Gate for me until we got more involved.

We began working with Shepherd's Gate through creating videos with them, and we quickly discovered their compassion and pursuit of excellence is contagious. We became instant advocates for this local nonprofit that is changing lives all around us.

Shepherd's Gate exists to free women and children from the destructive cycles of homelessness, addiction and abuse.

As I stepped on their Livermore campus that I've spent years driving by, a wave of hospitality and nurture came over me, observing the women who are currently dwelling in this safe, loving environment. Through a strict program filled with Gospel-centered guidance and practical tools, these women are given the opportunity to develop into the person God has created them to be and begin instilling life-giving habits into their family that will affect generations to come.


Support Local Christian Nonprofits

It's easy to forget that where we live (especially in the U.S.) is part of God's global kingdom and our local nonprofits need our support as well as in other countries of the world. Whether this is through our time, money, prayers or donated goods- we all have something to offer and get to witness up close and personal when it's local.

And the best part of all- we often come offering something of ourselves that we think will bless others, when in reality we leave overflowing with passion and love that's only possible when we invest in the eternal.