Use Emotion to Drive Your Creation
Posted on August 29, 2016

We all know there's a big difference when we create something for ourselves versus creating something for others, especially when "others" is paying. However, the consistent thread that connects these two different scenarios is emotion.

Emotion evokes questions, a pause, conversation and most importantly, emotion leads to action. Although, it's overwhelming to try to and guess what people are thinking/feeling and how they will respond to your photo/video/blog post etc. And yeah, we've got smarty pants people out there (my husband included) who have their data and assign numbers to groupings of people based on age and status, but some of us aren't blessed with the amount of time and resources this demands.

But we all have emotion. And as the creator, it's so important to pay attention to your own emotions; this is your biggest clue and driving factor in where your creation goes next. Whatever you're feeling when you look at the product is most likely what other people will feel. If the creation returns void of any emotion, chances are others will feel the same way. So let go and dig deeper.

I slowly caught onto this as I paid more attention to how I was feeling when searching for music for our videos and replaying interviews in my mind. Like this interview for example, take a look:


This interview happened back in February of this year. Watching it takes me back to the sounds, smells and the heavy air in the room as Marinella's heart was being pulled out on display through our cameras. I remember the tears falling down my cheek as I watched her's being wiped away by her shaky hands. I had a feeling of overwhelming pride and love for where God has placed her today and that feeling comes back every time I watch this.

This was just one moment of the interview, but it's the only part that captures emotion well. It's the only part worth savoring and sharing because the amount of emotion that wells up in me, will surely well up in our viewers. The same goes for your product.

A piece of content will only exude the level of emotion that the content's creator experiences.