Our heart beats for those who are serving cross culturally throughout the world to transform lives through the power of the Gospel.

It’s the nonprofits and missionaries working with the local churches that get to see God’s kingdom grow first hand. We want to know what God is doing in your corner of the world as well as help you share with others in an effective, professional way that will bring people to action and broaden your support and impact through your God-ordained ministry.

We know that your time, money and energy are fully consumed by the mission God has called you to.

We would be honored to support that mission and spread the Good News to more people.

God’s Work Throughout the World

Shepherd's Gate

Livermore, Ca

Shepherd's Gate exists to free women and children from the destructive cycles of homelessness, addiction and abuse. We began working with Shepherd's Gate through creating videos with them, and we quickly discovered their compassion and pursuit of excellence is contagious. Through a strict program filled with Gospel-centered guidance and practical tools, these women are given the opportunity to develop into the person God has created them to be and begin instilling life-giving habits into their family that will affect generations to come.

Shepherd's Gate


Glory Reborn

Cebu, Philippines

Glory Reborn provides compassionate and holistic care to marginalized moms and babies of Cebu, Philippines. We have been long time fans and investors of this incredible organization. They not only care for the physical needs of every mom and baby, but also invest in their patients' spiritual lives. An immeasurable amount of love, sweat and tears are poured into the mission of Glory Reborn.

Glory Reborn



Belmopan, Belize

This small, but mighty, organization is determined to transform the country of Belize through the Gospel, quality education, and basic life necessities like lunches/transportation/uniforms. Student sponsorships, teacher education and community development all play an integral part in impacting Belize's next generation and PathLight is leading the way.



One by One


Their mission is to develop young, Christian leaders through excellent schooling and faithful discipleship supported by the school staff and the local church and community. Those who live in Haiti are given very little opportunity for all facets of life and education is one way of giving Haitians more hope and a future to be successful.

One by One


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